dinsdag 31 december 2013

Say Good-Bye.....Say Hello!!!

And we welcome you, to the year of Excellence.

It has been written that all souls shall meet with the purity of their dreams.
Welcome beautiful beings and thank you for connecting with Divine Compass Channelings again.
You do deserve to witness the beauty of having had faith and for many, the sacred harvest is imminent.
Be patient and bring forth your soulful energies to help balance your desires, wishes and thoughts about

The time has come to balance the energies and truly find joy in moments of reflection. Should the soul
you are currently living with not bring you joy, so do we advise you to find guidance from now on and
make divine positivity, yours. Yes, we are aware of the truth that it is not easy and by no means do we
wish for you to worry.

For worry is the beginning of stress and stress, the beginning of misery. If you are not capable of releasing
the past, then even making this grand shift in 2014, will be difficult as you can only do it be divine will.
2012-13 was designed, for every Starseed to shift naturally in 2014. You are being prepared to become a much
greater figure in the future. Seemingly attracting only good, so will you never forget what showed itself as negative
and scary at the same time.

Worries concerning money and food, are connecting you to energies that have not willed love into their existence.
The time has come to bring forth the energy of abundance and no longer worry so much. For everyone who believes
they are not gifted, please, wake up and cut the chords to a past that put you down for who you are/were. You must now
go forth and believe in a much higher goodness.

One that will shock but also motivate others to do the same. The inspiration you find in others, is real and you
must be able to own your gift and work with it. Effort into projects will come through very soon for so many as many more
need them to cope, communicate and compassionately just be. You are therefore bringing in love, positivity and wealth into
your life, if you are able to release what all these three things meant to you in the past.

Remember, your divine journey Starseed. Not only are others learning from you, many more are being helped to now
express their emotions and mentalities, so peace of mind can expand and stay. There is truly no point in hating what 2013 was.
Yes you have loved.
Yes, you have lost.
And yes, you have learned.
Perhaps all three may be very hard or difficult really, to get right now, but do some reflecting and open your soul system, up towards

The universe is prepared with astounding accuracy, to help serve and guide you. Take nothing but love from this reading today and
arise within your defeat. The soul is stronger now. Much more than ever before. It will be up to you to bring forth the best healing
light through your Aura, as you possibly can.

Let your mind, become a vessel for divine synchronicity. Allow this now, to help shift you into the right state of mind for 2014.
We shall meet frequently within this frequency.

It is all for you, dear Reader.

Thank you for surviving 2013 with us.
On to 2014, passionate beings of the Christ consciousness.

Shift or be shifted.

Much Love to you,

DCC guided by Cassandra Kalaika

maandag 9 december 2013

One more thing.......Don't give in to the negativity. You have so many more beautiful experiences coming.

Hello and welcome to the message of Light.

It is by no means an easy thing, realizing you need to change.
Change comes when we have secured a foundation that will not break so easily. It is therefore,
the choice of the heart to continue with change. No one can do it for you. And yes, we must be
honest. No one wants to do it for you!

You have been given this blessing of a chance to change your life, but you do not know where
to start? Do not worry, because the silence of mind, will be achieved through meditation and
flowing with it, through patience. Only so can we even begin to expand from our inner knowing,
right into action.

The only thing left to experience now, is complete enlightenment. And the year coming up, is going
to provide just that. The year that has passed, has come to be a year of incredible truth. This also means,
many of you have seen sides to people you either thought were gone, buried or very simply did not know,

It is time to choose wisely once more, whom you trust and why you choose to do so. Be careful with
your energies, dear Light-workers and begin accepting this challenge with a full and confident heart.
Now the time has come to shed the skin of the past, and pierce into the presence of the future. Find your own
soul in your creativity and look after it.

For those who feel like they always need to know what others are doing:

People will always grow and change, it is their prerogative and also, their human right! We cannot force
someone to live the way WE want them to. We must be adults enough to accept how someone else chooses
to live, whether that includes us or not. Now has never been a moment of loss, but gain.

Remember, when you realize someone is not who you thought they were, and they have caused you great pain,
then choose you and walk away. Sometimes, by walking away right in time, you give yourself a head-start to the
suffering that follows each broken heart.

You have the divine tools to manifest your reality, aware of it or not!

Now is the time to connect with like-minded people and give them as well as yourself, the chance to change,
succeed and grow. True healing, comes with time. You cannot force what has managed to transform you over

We sincerely wish you the peace and tranquility possible, when we shift from lack of something, to the true omnipresence
of it.

With Love,

Cassandra Kalaika,
Divine Compass Channelings

vrijdag 29 november 2013

May we meet much stronger in 2014. Thank you to all supporters!!!

Blessings to you all!!!!

Thank you for connecting with us once more. It is this message that will stretch into the new
year as many of your desires are now aligning and unfolding. Keep truth in your heart and fear
not the path ahead, nor the challenges destined for you soul. You deserve to comprehend the
choices you are making and choosing you, is right now the best choice you could ever make.

It is easy to get caught up in what others say. And yet we can assure you, what other people think,
is not as important as the very truth that they think and will eventually take responsibility for their behavior.
It is not up to you, to see people through a certain time. Each one of us has to uphold our end of the deal
and truly come through with more blessings and clear light, for all involved.

Earth Mother will be speaking differently through each one next year, so be prepared to appreciate your
existence with a new depth, unknown to others. It is your power that rests in the souls of each one trying to make
it in this life. Give next year and do not ask yourself where it is coming from.

Compassion is a gift, best given in the wrapping of love. Try not to underestimate where you are going or what
you want to achieve in this life. Right now for so many, the choice to give up, seems clear as day and will soon be
made. Accept that many people are tired of how life has been, is and seemingly, will be. We say seemingly because it is
all too easy getting caught up in the whole buzz of the moment and not direct your own power within your vortex,
to a higher and much brighter future.

The time to educate yourself has come, so choose this path with assurance in your heart and all will come true, all will,
and we mean this, it will come to pass as it is meant to. Many are angry at those able to read intentions, because it is clear,
not everybody is honest. You cannot be angry at the messenger. Perhaps the message, but you must be conscious God believes
in each one of the Creations walking this divine planet and yes, you are one of them.

Shift now into your dreams for 2014. Work and allow the positive vibrations to touch others. People will notice you feel good
and they will embrace the new mentality by which you have chosen to live. Give yourself enough time to grieve and mourn.
Let people go and approach your own life with a new passion for it. Because Life is so complex, so is it often the case, that we
undervalue what is right in front of us. We see no options of changing because we fear if things will ever be good again.

Well, also here the Angels remind us that we can always work with them. They care and are an extension of Source energy.
Bring nothing more than your heart to an angel and your worries will be transmuted into something you will understand and embrace.


There is no point in running after what cannot be changed. Right now, your desires will show you so much
more comes to life, then just paying attention to what is going on. You need to respond more actively and not let thoughts of negativity get you down.

This year is coming to an end, Ladies and Gentlemen. With that, so much anger is also coming to an end. Yes many events, natural causes, shocked us,
but be prepared, it will not be any different next year. What will be different, will be the atmosphere people choose to create around you.
Take control of your life and believe it is best to move on and focus on you!
Yes, it is not easy, but it is worth it and we wish you all the strength and courage you may need to master any challenges as they come.

Thank you for reading this and we wish you only the best.
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a journey that will prove to you, the love of power is over and the power of love,
has only begun.

Love and Light,

Cassandra Kalaika
Divine Compass Channelings

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

The light in the darkest moment, is you. Open your eyes.

Greetings of divine Light and Love to all of you.

Today we look at transformation and the understanding that we all are really, taken care of. When we go through moments, so is that something
we often doubt when we hear it. But love has a lot to offer and wants you to try harder in appreciating yourself and the many beautiful people
you choose to bring into your life. More importantly, it is time to shift from the past, wholeheartedly, and make the choice to stay conscious as you
stay alive. By staying conscious, you figure out a lot of issues you before thought was impossible.

Well, the energies are looking extraordinary and want us to ask for help.The Spirits working with you, will ask for permission to begin their work,
which often includes remembering who you really are and what you really want. Those that work in your behalf, are connected to your heart and
the many feelings you are working with right now, can catch you off guard. Even though this should not have to worry you, so are there those who
are petrified of working with the Higher Self or the Soul Self. The soul is a being of it's own and needs a lot of time to recover from very difficult

What matters now, is how you speak of your own self. Think about it, if you constantly tell yourself you are a piece of shit, then you will attract
emotions and people who constantly reflect the state your mind is in, at the moment. Use the time you have now, to unfold the many layers you
have added to your personality and start doing the kind of work you know you will be proud of in just a short amount of time. Now forgiving others,
well, this is part of Transformation and needs to be remembered as well.

As people remind us of other people, so does the past come up that way, so you can consciously choose to release it and aim higher in working with the
Light. People are many things, but not insensitive to what is going on. The heart will always feel the messages we share with you, even if the mind, may
be finding it hard to grasp as how can a channeling possibly serve others?

Channeling comes naturally to those who do not fear growth or transformation, but willingly stand up for it and make a difference in the lives of those
who feel lost, battered and torn apart. We must help our fellow beings on this planet. Transformations are always intense and this is why so many people
are afraid of it. Yes, because they do not know what to expect. Not from themselves or from the people connected to the situation. Until you have worked things
out in your relationships, so will this recurring issue be something you feel destroys your good moods or even just the chances of having a good mood.

Transformation, wants you to transform the approach you have to life, by seeing what kind of approach you have to love. It will heal that very approach to love,
meaning the way you go forward and live from the heart, will change everything. You do not have to travel far to see Transformation at it's best. Why? It has to do
with how the divine Creator works and ultimately shares wisdom. Now wisdom, follows transformation. You will sense how by now, the past is not nearly as interesting
as we thought it was. It no longer defeats us, just thinking about it.

Many people would like to be able to face their demons and move on with their lives. This is not impossible, but there is one requirement. Try not to underestimate
healing nor the intentions of the Healer in You. As with time, you will see how becoming confident won't be a problem, it will be a solution with a brand new way of
handling life. That said, it is time to wake up and really accept the Wake-up call you are getting through this message.

It's not impossible going back to the past, but we can assure you, it is no fun. And the divine Dimensions we all work with, want us to have fun. How so? They see our
suffering, our problems with pride, our lust, our greed and sometimes even, the inability to forgive. There really is a conscious moment, where you believe to not be able
to forgive. With love, things can turn out okay and we can change that. It may not be easy, but change is always worth it. It will open your eyes, it will guide you and more
than that, it will heal you.

So if you have been looking for a reason to live, this is it.
If you have been asking for a sign from the Universe, this is it.
If you are currently finding your transformation to be too intense, so must you not worry, for the Creator knows the limits of each one. Limits are healthy and limits are
crossed within the desire to experience more.

Many fear their own limits and often see themselves as people persons. But no people person, can handle being crossed everytime. Eventually, the desire to heal, will
dominate the entire situation. You want to get better, right? Okay, this is the start of a very long and intense journey. But that is what the Human soul is made to be, do and
work with. Intensity. We often think it's so much easier than it looks, but let the divine Mother Earth speak and bring us closer to her desire for mankind:

''I , Mother Earth, Welcome you.
I am Love.
I am Light.
I am Fear and I am Release.
Choose me, choose nature,
and let go of the troubles of the past.

Do not drink yourself into a stupor.
Do not smoke the very last of your innocence away.
For times are changing and you,
my child, will be victorious in changing your life.''

To complete this reading for today, so do we suggest you enhance your approach to forgiveness, anger, fear and doubt. All conflicts will be resolved. Be it on this beautiful
planet or in the sacred Heaven of the Holy, I AM.

With Patience, and Hope,

Cassandra Kalaika

Divine Compass Channelings


dinsdag 30 juli 2013

If it keeps coming up, then it's because it needs attention. Value your thoughts, value your life!

We greet you in the name of Heavenly Love.

Each one is learning to shift. Why? Because we cannot live life the way we are used to. You will see how the old way is crumbling and success, can
only be understood if you have dealt with failure before. Failure makes it look like you are incapable of enjoying your life. And whilst feeling like 
a failure cannot be avoided, in good time, all can change you and you will slowly get the vibrations working in your life. Pay close attention to your
dreams dear Readers. These dreams keep you calmer than you naturally are, when surrounded by other people.

Work on your gifts and give love a chance. Not everyone is going to understand your determination to succeed in life. But you know what? They don't 
have to. All they need to do, is respect where you are going. If we cannot be respectful towards where people need to go, in order to learn the value of their time,
then we block them and make them feel guilty for loving us. There is nothing more destructive that resentment and that is what we are going to look at in 
today's public message of love and peace.

The angels don't arrive with background music. Everything is done through patience and abundant trust in all you have worked for in life. Think about it, your goals
are now showing you a better way of thinking. We need to make long term plans instead of living for instant gratification. This is what is coming through. 
You learning to heal, means you are conscious of the fact, that old wounds can come up as a major problem, if we choose to ignore the core issues in our lives. 

It may fill you with anxiety seeing the new chapter in your life, but let us tell you, that things are going to be more than positive. You can wholly rely on this 
and know, we take Energy seriously. There is no point in denying the presence of the Highest Good. The Life Source we all need, arrives in an awkward moment. 
Sometimes, you think you don't need some form of guidance, meanwhile, guidance could be the ticket to your freedom. Remember, through guidance we are able to 
change our entire nature and how we respond to things.

This is why we enter this consciousness and work with you in your dreamstate. Here, where intuition and imagination, reality and healing come together. Dreams are
meant to keep you on your toes and help you see a brand new way of embracing the energies in your life. It is important to stay open-minded as people cross your path,
because we all have something to learn from each other.

You may be meeting soulmates, who all have the potential to ignite their own flames. These flames once glowing in unison, represent the twinflame love experience. It's a beautiful
thing realising you love someone. We all want you to give love a chance, even if it has failed you in the past. We cannot close off towards love and expect it to wait while we get
our lives back on track. Sometimes, love comes in and helps you get back to who you know you are, by assisting you. Something you may have thought of being ashamed about it all,
but now you get that you don't need shame. You need courage.

The past happened, so that you can look forward to a brighter future. There are so many places we could end up in, if we choose to not take care of ourselves. The earlier you begin,
the better, the easier things will be as you grow older, grow into your own and ultimately, grow with others. Take this moment, with love in your heart and expect nothing less than
the very best from the Universe. It is time to change everything in your life and it all starts with viewing your life, from a more soothing perspective. The dynamic part of life, comes 
with love. So many spend money, tears and time, searching for the right partner. 

Experience will show you, that by allowing love to come through and bless you, so will you never need money, tears or time to look for it. It becomes clear that true love, does not see
how much you make or spend. True love, does not push you to the point of tears and fearful thoughts. And one thing you can trust on, True Love, never takes your time for granted.
This can and will only complicate a rather simple but intense experience. That is to be loved by another and accept the moment for what it is. 

Dear Reader, as you make sure you stay open towards love, so will you realize it will be patient, honest and thoughtful towards you. We have so much to give, when we give and receive with
a kind heart. We can tune into our heart frequency and change everything. Try not to fall for love's darkness. Fall for the light, and be taken to new heights, emotionally.

We, the collective One, wish you all the best.

With Love,

Cassandra Kalaika

Divine Compass Channelings


dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Are you ready? Love needs to talk to you!

Divine Light to all of you!

We all are shifting  by our own power. This means less are looking to work like others and more are looking to work by their own pace. Everything is changing now. People of different ages are coming together for one purpose only. And that is to explore and communicate the truth of Love. Spirituality is not something closed off to the public. It has been open and there for everyone who searches for something more meaningful and fulfilling.

Do not be ashamed if you are one of those, who need a little more time to experience loving moments. If the past has had you on your knees, then yes, it is time to arise and change that. We are human beings, we are supposed to open ourselves up to other dimensional ways of thinking. Different experiences come together to help you shift from the past into the present moment. Some of you are giving up bad influences, which is hard because we define our home feeling very quickly. That means a person can feel like home or coming home, or even a substance can gain such a high regard from you, because you don't know otherwise how to feel and live at the same time.

It is difficult being honest with oneself. But you need to be that if you see yourself changing your life and healing by a new inspirational flow. Moving on will come when you are ready. And some of us want love to help you guide others who will eventually work well with your way of seeing life, simply because the effort you make, has already connected you to the highest good, Karma.

Our Karma depends on a number of things we need to all be aware of. One of these things, is how we end up speaking about Karma itself. If we relate to a negative picture of life, then we have a rather fearful idea of what Karma holds in store for all of us. But if we are able to release our anxieties, then we see Karma as due and worth it all the way. Our goal here, today with this beautiful message, is to help you remember the Higher Self and how it works to help you understand life.

The Higher Self is conscious and awake, aware and extremely wealthy in experience. The good looks? Are not important in the world of Spirituality. Even though many are channeling a certain organic look to support in their own way, the world they do not understand. The truth is, there are many who look it, but are not even close to actually living a life with Spirit energy.

This is why it is so important to distance yourself from the people you know do not work with honorable intentions. It may be the hardest thing you will ever have to do, but we all need to have that incredibly important experience, so we do not undermine ourselves but actually respect our integrity and our dignity at the same time. It is good to be happy, believe in that. But your happiness must be built on a firm foundation and seeing each soul as one, can help you in seeing 
that greatly.

For those who find jealousy to be the lesson their have to learn. Remember, the Creator is not a cruel one. The Creator, assists you in the form of Loving Powerful Energy, teaching you to feel confident about the decisions you make. After all, we make decisions our whole lives, so why not finally be proud of that and understand the importance of this experience as well?`

It is not easy letting someone go. But this is part of life and ultimately something we will in due time, appreciate. How? By using our emotions to work through issues we feel need our attention. It is good to use your energies for inspirational things. People can only learn from each other, if they have forgiven. If one does not forgive, then one fears change all the more.

You see, beloved Reader, at the end of the day, you only have your heart and the memories YOU choose to make. Treasure this and do not waste your time with experiences you already know all too well. There will always be more to come from the Universe. To believe in yourself and realize that it all comes down to healing from the Heart and healing the Heart itself, is where this path makes sense to you.

Try not to be ashamed for not having spoken or prayed. We all turn from the light in the moment we think to have it all under control. Returning to prayer or speaking with the Divine, can only lead to a feeling of open-mindedness and respect for your issues in life. You do not have to juggle everything by yourself. Allow people to be in your space and you WILL understand the value of friendship even more. Choose to be in a safer environment and you will be able to focus on what is right in front of you.

Whatever you end up doing with your life, allow it to be something you know you will be proud of. Yes we will eventually have to face our fears, but just imagine the freedom that comes along with having done just that. Suddenly nothing can intimidate you and that is what truly matters for each and everyone of us. Take your healing soul seriously, do not worry yourself into stress and illness. 

We have so much more coming up and working with the light is becoming increasingly easier for more and more people. We deserve to celebrate this experience and make sure, that more see the potential of healing and release the fear of ever being happy again.

Yes, all kinds of fears exist. But with courage, we can overcome these fears and be excellent at being unique, intuitive and original.

Love and Light!

Cassandra Kalaika
Divine Compass Channelings

dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.
— Kahlil Gibran